Sunday’s Flight Lesson Cancelled Due To Gusting Winds…

Sunday (06/10/2012) was another beautiful day for flying but slightly breezier than yesterday. I arrived to find, as is usual on Sunday’s, the car park pretty much empty. There were only four cars. I walked in to the school and greeted Kevin and Aaron. Kevin said, “Tiger, you’re back again? It’s going to get pretty windy in a couple of hours, so you’ll get to fly until then. The wind is about 17 knots or there abouts right now”. “Oh really? I replied. It was breezy but that was down on the ground, it’s probably windier at a greater altitude I thought to myself. “You can pre-flight the plane so at least you’ll be ready if you decide to fly” said Kevin and I agreed. I completed the paper work and then went to preflight. I don’t know if it had gotten windier in the last few minutes or if it felt windy because I was on the airport ramp which is a wide and open area where planes are parked. I climbed the right wing of the plane and opened the door which flew open, an indication of how windy it was. I preflighted the plane and returned to chat with Kevin and Aaron who were watching TV as it was a very slow day. I assumed a number of people may have cancelled. At about 9:15 am Jeremy my instructor on the weekends arrived. “Hello Jeremy” I said. Jeremy greeted us all at once. “So what do you want to do today Tiger?” I didn’t know what I wanted to do to be honest and so I replied with a smile, “Not sure”, and continued, “It seems to be pretty windy and Kevin said it was going to get more windy around 11:00 am or so. Kevin agreed repeated what he had told me earlier.

Jeremy was ready to go and we boarded the plane. Whilst I was preparing to begin to go through the check list, Jeremy was again apologetic about yesterday. “Oh not a problem Jeremy, I actually didn’t want to fly yesterday and was hoping the class would be cancelled” I said laughingly. “You know you can call in and cancel” said Jeremy smilingly. “Yes I know but I didn’t want to cancel due to my poor performance with Sarah last Wednesday and thought that I needed the practice. So when you said we ought to cancel, I said “YES!” to myself.” Jeremy laughed. We could hear the wind outside and so Jeremy said, “Let’s go and check the weather”. So disembarked and went to check the weather and discovered that the winds were now going to be gusting by 10.00 am and it was already 9:30 am. So by the time I finish going through the checklist and then taxi up to the runway it would be another 10-15 minutes. Jeremy said that it was up to me what I wanted to do and that he was okay to fly although it would be bit challenging. I’ve been up in the air during windy days and you spend a lot of time trying to manage the plane and learn very little, so I said that I would like to cancel.

So I returned the headphones to Kevin at the front desk and he cancelled today’s class saying, “Don’t worry Tiger, you’ll fly one of these days”. I laughed when I heard that. Kevin was there yesterday when my class was cancelled, hence his comment. And that was it, I said goodbye to everyone and left for home thinking this break would do me good. 😀



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