Saturday’s Flight Lesson Cancelled…

To be honest I really did not wish to fly today (06/09/2012) due to my poor performance last Wednesday; I wanted a break and wished somehow the class would be cancelled. Yes I could have called and cancelled but my poor performance was not a satisfactory excuse for cancellation in my opinion, if anything I needed the practice. So if class was cancelled by some unforeseen circumstance, I would not feel guilty.

It was another wonderful day with the sun shining brightly and there wasn’t a cloud in sight, the sky was completely blue. It was warm with a temperature of 75 F and only a slight breeze. I reluctantly left for class at 8:25 am and reached my flight school at 8:50 am. I went inside and greeted everyone present and checked-in. I saw that my instructor for today Jeremy hadn’t arrived and assumed he was either with a student in flight or he was on his way to the school. I preflighted the plane and waited. I took a small amount of the very strong coffee provided by the school and sipped it watching the planes take off through the window. I especially noticed each plane to see if its flight path was straight and if it wobbled as it took off i.e. if the wings were level or not during the climb out. I paid particular attention to this because this is a problem I have. If readers have been following my posts, they may remember that one of the problems I have or used to have (since I do not hear my instructors mention it anymore) was that my takeoffs were not in a straight line rising to the sky. Instead my flight path would be kind of a shallow peaks and trough kind of path as I struggled with the yoke to maintain the takeoff speed. I was informed many a time by my instructors that it was because I was too aggressive with the yoke. I would push the yoke in or pull it toward me a little aggressively whereas I should have been making only slight changes and then waiting for the plane to respond. Anyway, I’m digressing. I noticed that all the planes that took off were indeed straight and level in their takeoffs. The only difference was the takeoff height of each; some takeoffs were a little shallow whilst others were steep. They should have been steep as it was a warm day and it’s during warm days that the plane takes a longer time to takeoff, so the steep takeoffs help to clear any obstacles that might be in the way.

I took another small amount of coffee and noted that the time was 9:15 am and continued looking out of the window. I was still under the assumption that Jeremy was on his way to school as I knew by now that he wasn’t with another student in flight. If he were, he would have finished at the latest by 9:00 am by which time my flight lesson would have begun. There were many transient planes parked on the ramp today. I’ve not seen so many before. There were a great variety of them and unfortunately I do not know their type. I began playing Solitaire on my phone still hoping that somehow class would be cancelled. At around 9:25 am the opportunity to cancel class presented itself when the Thunderbird phone rang and I was told that I had a call on line one. I picked up the phone. It was Jeremy and he was saying that he had overslept and was very apologetic that he did not call me sooner so that I could have avoided driving to school. I said to Jeremy that it wasn’t a problem as I only lived a few minutes away from Crystal airport and he shouldn’t worry as these things happen. Here was my chance to say, “So would you like to cancel then?” Jeremy agreed and I felt elated :D. “Well I think it’s going to rain tomorrow, but if it doesn’t I’ll see you tomorrow then?” I said to Jeremy and he agreed. I thanked Jeremy and our conversation ended. I walked up to the front desk and informed the attendant that my flight lesson is cancelled for today. I then ran out to the plane to get my log book, check list, the head phones and the plane’s folder. I returned the latter two at the front desk and left for home rather relieved.


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