Gusting Winds Prevent Flying…

The phone rang this morning and I looked at my phone. It was Jeremy and the time was 8.35 am. I thought it was rather late for him to call to cancel today’s class. “Hello” I said. “Good Morning Tiger” said Jeremy still sounding a little sleepy. “How’s the weather looking there today? Did you see it this morning?” he asked. Jeremy lives about an hour or so away from Crystal airport so the weather can be quite different where he is. “Yes. It’s quite good but the wind currently is at 12 knots and later on around 9.00 am it’s going to be gusting to 24 knots” I replied. “Okay I’ve overslept a little. I’ll check the weather and call you back in a few moments”. “Okay” I replied and our conversation ended. Then a few minutes later he called back saying, “Yes it’s going to be quite gusty. Do you want to delay it by an hour or maybe start at 11.00 am?” “Yes, we could do that. We’ll know for certain if the winds will have calmed down by then” I said. “Okay I’ll call you back around 10.00 am and see from there”. “Yes okay Jeremy, thank you”.

So at 10.00 am I received a third call from Jeremy saying that the weather seems to be fine in all respects with the exception of the winds. “We could try flying and it really depends on the crosswind”. I’ve flown in gusty winds before and as a student pilot you spend most of the time trying to manage the plane than actually learning to fly. So I said that I would rather cancel for today. Jeremy said, “Okay I’ll call the school and tell them to cancel”. “Thanks Jeremy” I replied as we both hung up. So it’ll be a whole two weeks before I fly again (hopefully) on May 30th, 2012.


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