Weather Aborts Flight Lesson – Again!

Before leaving home this morning and a couple of hours earlier before that, I checked the weather as usual and it seemed as if it was going to be fine for flying. The visibility was good, clouds were easily well above the required height for VFR, winds were at 14 knots and the temperature at the time was 67 F. But when I left to go to school at 8.35 am I saw that it was cloudy, quite cloudy in fact. Then I thought, it may be cloudy but the weather website indicated otherwise regarding conditions for flying. Then it began to rain, only slightly though, so before having gone too far I made a call to the school to speak to Mr. Haak. “Hello Thunderbird Aviation, this is Mike speaking” said a voice at the other end. “Hello Mike, this is Tiger. Has Mr. Haak arrived yet?” “Yes he has do you want to talk to him?” Mike asked. “Yes please”. “Okay hold on I’ll transfer you” said Mike. A few moments later Mr. Haak picked up the phone and said, “This is Alex”. “Hello Alex, this is Tiger”. “Hey Tiger what’s going on?”  “Alex, I’m on my way to the school but I was wondering if we were going to be able to fly today since it seems to be pretty cloudy and it’s started raining a bit” I said. “Yes I checked earlier”, said Alex and continued, “But I’ll check again because there was going to be a line of storms coming through”. Mr. Haak’s computer had frozen so he briefly put me on hold while he rebooted his computer and checked the weather again. He returned and said, “Yah don’t bother Tiger, the storm is coming through in the next 45 minutes”. “Ah okay, so are you going to reschedule?” I asked him. “Yes when are you flying again?” “I fly on Wednesdays and then I have this Saturday and Sunday coming up?” “Okay are you able to fly this Monday or Tuesday, and 9.00 am works best for you?” asked Alex. “Yes I could fly either of those days”. “Okay I’ll see what I can do on one of those days” “Okay thank you Alex” and our conversation concluded.


2 responses to “Weather Aborts Flight Lesson – Again!

  1. Tiger, I know you are anxious to be out there as often as possible…these cancelled flights must be very frustrating…or should I say the uncooperative weather 😉


    • Yes Nirvani, it IS frustrating particularly when the weather seems to be nice on all other days except on the days I’m scheduled to fly. The weather was wonderful here on Monday and Tuesday, but come Wednesday we have T-storms! LOL I’m sure tomorrow and the day after will also be wonderful and then on Saturday and Sunday it will be bad again. 😀 It’s okay really as I’ve gotten used to it now.

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