Flying With Tim On Sunday…

In an effort to ensure that I could fly with Tim over the weekend,  and before Jeremy assigned me to someone else, I sent the following text message to Tim on Monday at 11.17 am (05/14/2011):

“Hello Tim, this is Tiger. Jeremy is going home this weekend and asked me to find someone that I could fly with. At first I asked him to find someone and he said okay. But later I thought of you. I don’t know if Jeremy has found anyone to fly with me yet. IF he hasn’t, do you think you will be able to fly with me this weekend between 9-11 am? If you say yes, I will call Jeremy and let him know. Thanx Tim.”

About half an hour later I also called Tim and left him a voice mail with the same information.

At 2.54 pm I received the following text message from Tim:

“Hey Tiger, looks like I could do 8 to 10 on Sunday, if that works for you…”

I replied immediately with the following text:

“Yes it does. How about Saturday Tim at anytime?”

I waited for 10-15 minutes and when I didn’t receive any text from Tim, I text messaged him again:

“Okay I’m assuming you can’t do Saturday. So I’ll book a plane for this Sunday on the Thunderbird website schedule. Thanx.”

He replied immediately:

“Yeah, all the planes go out at 8 am on Saturday”.

“Okay no problem Tim. Thanx.” I replied.

I then called Jeremy to tell him that Tim was able to fly with me on Sunday. Jeremy picked up the phone almost immediately and said, “Tiger”. “Hello Jeremy”, I replied and asked him if he had found anyone to fly with me over the weekend. He replied that he hadn’t and wasn’t sure if was going to go home this weekend now since the school had assigned him some other students. But he was working on finding someone for everyone still, and if couldn’t do so, he would have to stay and teach his students. I told him that Tim was willing to fly with me on Sunday, but not Saturday so I could cancel Saturday and he could go home if he wanted to. Then he said, “Well let me call you back later as I’m in a meeting right now”. I apologized and said okay. About an hour so later he called saying, “So Jeremy is willing to fly with you on Sunday?” I said, “Yes but only on Sunday between 8.00-10.00 am”. “Oh okay, well I’ll set that up and cancel Saturday then?” he said. “Yep that’s fine with me” I replied. A few minutes later I received an email from my school informing me of the change in instructors for Sunday. Tomorrow I’ll be flying with Mr. Haak.


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