You’ve Almost Nailed It…

With the last few days being terrible with regards to flying weather, today was a wonderful, bright sunny day with calm winds. I excitedly arrived at 8.55 am and immediately checked in with Mary and went to pre-flight the plane. By the time I returned, Sarah was already waiting seated on the sofa in the reception area sipping on some drink. We greeted one another and she said, “Are you ready?” “Yes”, I said placing the fuel sampler in front of Mary and thanking her. I was expecting some sort of briefing as to what we might do but there was no such thing. Then it occurred to me that Sarah is just training me on the landings and I already know Air Traffic Pattern (ATP) and all the various speeds on each leg of the pattern etc. It’s just the actual practical part of it I need to perfect. As we walked out to the plane I asked her how she was and she said she was good and asked how I was. “I’m good thank you” I replied. Then I told her how I wasn’t able to fly over the weekend with the weather being bad. “Oh yes it wasn’t good” replied Sarah.

So I did about 8 landings today and most of the time my ATP was good, there were occasions where I didn’t have the speeds correct, mostly on the Base leg. Of the 8 landings I was satisfied with only one. Sarah said, “You’ve almost nailed it. There isn’t much difference between a good landing and a bad one. But you’re very close”. I must say that I feel that I’m improving just a little each time, even though my progress is that of a snail. 🙂 After we finished our lesson, Sarah signed my log book and said, “I hope the weather is good for you to fly this weekend” and I agreed and we said our goodbyes.

When I returned home I logged into my email and found that there was a schedule change for May 16th. This was a Wednesday and normally I would be flying with Sarah. But the email stated that I would be flying with Alex that day. So I called the school immediately and asked to speak with Alex. Mary said that he was with someone and asked if I would like his voice mail. I said yes and left a voicemail asking if he would be teaching me from now on or if this was just a onetime incident; and if Jeremy or Sarah would still be teaching me? Alex returned my call at around 3.39 pm and said that Jeremy had asked him to see what my progress was like as far as landings were concerned. “I’m the trouble shooter in these cases, and we just want you to do well and trying to see what we can do to help you”, said Alex. “Ah okay” I said and continued, “I was surprised that you were going to teach me because I saw you as the principal of the school and/or an examiner, and didn’t think you taught any students. So I was surprised when I read in the email that you were going to teach me”. “I gotchya!” said Alex laughingly and continued, “No nothing like that, I’m just doing what Jeremy asked me to do and I’m going to see if I can help. It’s just for this one time”. “Ah okay Alex” I replied and thanked him. “We’ll see you next week then” said Alex, I agreed and our conversation ended.


2 responses to “You’ve Almost Nailed It…

    • Thank you very much Chandrasena. I’m trying, let’s see what will happen next Wednesday. 😀 I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you again!

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