Today’s Class Also Cancelled Due To Weather…

I woke up to a cloudy but relatively warm morning and the winds were calm (05/06/2012). However I had checked the weather the night before and assumed that today’s class might be cancelled as the forecast was similar to yesterdays. I nevertheless hoped that the weather might improve in my favour and I might get to fly at least today. But at 8.17 am I received a call from my instructor and I answered almost immediately saying, “Hello!”  “Tiger?” Asked Jeremy still sounding sleepy. “Yes, good morning Jeremy” I replied. “Good morning, the weather seems once again to be below VFR minimums, so I’m going to cancel” said Jeremy. I expected this so without any hesitation I said, “Okay, and will you be calling the school to cancel?” “Yes, I’ll call them right now” said Jeremy. “Ah okay, so I’ll see you next Saturday then?” I said. “Yep” he replied and I thanked Jeremy for the call and he said no problem. That was the end of our conversation and end of this week’s flight lessons. My next lesson is with Sarah on Wednesday (05/09/2012). Let’s hope the weather is conducive for flying then. 😀


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