Class Cancelled Due To Low Cloud Ceiling

I checked the weather last night before going to bed and although it was going to be cloudy, it seemed that conditions would still be within the VFR minimums. But this is the weather we’re talking about and it can change anytime, I therefore checked again first thing after waking up and it seemed that it could go either way i.e. it could improve or get worse. I got ready to go to school anyway hoping that it would improve and as I was getting dressed, I received a call from my instructor at 8.25 am. He said that the cloud ceiling was too low to do any pattern work or to do any flying. He then said that if I didn’t mind, he would like to cancel today’s class. I said okay and hoped to see him tomorrow, weather permitting of course. He agreed and said that he would call the school immediately to cancel todays class.


TEMPO 0514/0516 3SM BR OVC008

Forecast period:

1400 to 1600 UTC 05 May 2012

Forecast type:

TEMPORARY: The following changes expected for less than half the time period


3 miles (5 km)


800 feet AGL


overcast cloud deck at 800 feet AGL


BR (mist)

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