Some Good News From Peter…

Hello readers, I forgot to tell you about an email I received (on 04/24/2011) from one of my IFR class fellows regarding his progress. Here’s Peter’s email:

From: Peter Kelsey []
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 9:14 PM
To: ‘Tiger Singhi’
Cc: ‘Mattias Person’; ‘Mike Pugh’; ‘Mike Stenhaser’; ‘Ryan Coer’; ‘Steve Holea’; ‘Steve Wiz’; ‘Thomas Keber’; ‘Karl Hanon’
Subject: RE: Some interesting news from the world Aviation…

Update to my fellow students.

Last Friday on the second try I got an 85% on the written Instrument Test (first time was a 65%). Some of the  difference was more studying of a couple of things like VOR but more like is that the questions got a lot easier.

And on Saturday I successfully completed my Practical Test. Again, on the second try.

I then promptly got incredibly sick and have not flown since but plan on more hours soon.

I trust all is well with you all and good luck on any exams you have coming up,


 Here’s my reply:

From: tsingh []
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 11:51 PM
To: ‘Peter Kely’
Subject: RE: Some interesting news from the world Aviation…

Hello Peter,

Congratulations on the IFR written knowledge test and your practical test! So now you’re a fully qualified Private Pilot. Are you going to start on the IFR practical training immediately?

I’m kind of close to my first stage check, still trying to master landings.



 Peter’s Reply to my email:


Not sure it will help but for me there have two things that have helped on landings. The first is watching speeds and getting into a stabilized approach and the second is to look down the runway as you make the flare. I had a habit of keeping my eyes focused just in front of the plane too long.

I am planning on training with Greg as much as possible for IFR.

Good Luck,


It’s very nice to hear that Peter, who said that he had taken many hours to learn, up to 145 as I recall, is now a fully qualified private pilot. I’m thankful for his advice and I too hope to become a Private Pilot. 😀


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