This Weekend’s Lessons Cancelled

As I was writing my last post, Jeremy called at 6.15 pm (on 04/27/2012) and said that he was very busy with his final exam studies and would like to cancel the Saturday (04/28/2012) and Sunday(04/29/2012) flight lessons. He then said that he would assign me with Sarah (another instructor at Thunderbird Aviation) for the Wednesday class. I remembered my lessons with Tim and how he had mentioned that Sarah was a strict instructor, so I asked Jeremy if he could assign me with Tim. But Jeremy said, “You’ve already flown with Tim, so it’s better if you have exposure to a different instructor”. I wasn’t happy but said okay and just confirmed that this weekend’s classes were cancelled and that on Wednesday (05/02/2012) I would be flying with Sarah. “Yep!’ said Jeremy. I replied with a “Thanks Jeremy”, “Thank you” he said and our conversation ended.

Although I felt a little uncomfortable about flying with Sarah, I pondered on the thought and then came to the conclusion that Jeremy was correct. It would be better to have another instructor who may be able to teach me something new, from her perspective. So I’m now looking forward to Wednesday.


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