This Weekend’s Classes Cancelled

I called Jeremy at 8.06 am on Saturday morning to cancel my Saturday’s (04/14/2012) and Sunday’s (04/15/2012) classes scheduled for 9.00 am because I wanted to study more regarding my maneuvers. I’ve been reading books and watching the “Cleared for Takeoff” a multi-media system from the Cessna Pilot Center. The software is interactive and I received it in my pilot’s kit when I registered as a student at Thunderbird Aviation in late August of 2011. I went through a few of the lessons after I took my first few lessons with Tim, and then stopped watching them as I registered for the FAA Knowledge Test at Twin Cities Aviation taught by Mr. Whipple. I was under the impression that the DVD’s were for preparing the student for the FAA Knowledge Test, but they also contain Labs that show you how to actually fly a plane and ask the student questions at the end of each topic for a better understanding. For instance they show you how to pre-flight an airplane, how to taxi and how to use the brakes, how to take off, how to climb, turn, descend and fly straight and level. It’s been my mistake or I misunderstood what these DVD’s were all about and had I studied them earlier, perhaps I may not be where I am in my flying progress today. I also ordered the Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course DVD set which I’m also watching. I’m also eager to read the book recommended by my instructor, “Stick and Rudder: An Explanation of the Art of Flying”, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

So Jeremy picked up the phone and sounded awake. I told him that I wouldn’t be able to make it this weekend and that I would see him on Wednesday. He was quite happy because his parents were visiting him and my cancellation allowed him to spend more time with them. He said he would call the school to cancel this weekend’s classes and said, “See you next Wednesday”. “Yes, thank you” I replied and our conversation ended.


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