The Weather Continues to be a Bother…

Today (04/01/2012) the weather was very similar to yesterday and so I called Jeremy at 8.14 am to inform him that the weather according to the aviation weather website was very much the same as it was yesterday and that it was going to be….and before I could finish Jeremy interjected, “..For a while”, and I said “Yes”. So Jeremy said he would call the school to let them know that today’s flight lesson was going to be cancelled. Just as well really as I didn’t feel like flying today because I had a headache due to insufficient sleep and I know it would have gotten worse if I had flown. But here’s the weather for today, and below the weather information I’ve included a couple of videos I took in the evening of some planes at my Twin Cities Aviation school in Anoka where I study for my IFR classes. The person waving in one of the videos is our teacher Mr. Whipple who taught me the VFR class and is now teaching us the IFR class.

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

Output produced by TAFs form (1313 UTC 01 April 2012)
found at


METAR text:

KMIC 011253Z 10007KT 4SM BR OVC009 08/06 A2972 RMK AO2 SLP066 T00830061

Conditions at:

KMIC (MNPLS/CRYSTAL , MN, US) observed 1253 UTC 01 April 2012


8.3°C (47°F)


6.1°C (43°F) [RH = 86%]

Pressure (altimeter):

29.72 inches Hg (1006.5 mb)
[Sea-level pressure: 1006.6 mb]


from the E (100 degrees) at 8 MPH (7 knots; 3.6 m/s)


4 miles (6 km)


900 feet AGL


overcast cloud deck at 900 feet AGL


BR (mist)




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