My New Instructor – Jeremy!

I’ve just returned from my 3.00 pm appointment with Mr. Alex Haak. But before I proceed I must mention that I received a text message from Tim at 12.17 pm and this was a response to my voice mail that I had left asking him what I needed to do to fly more frequently as far as the school, scheduling and the instructors available were concerned. This is what he text messaged:

Tim: Tiger, sorry I haven’t got back to you sooner. I will ask Jeremy if he minds if you schedule more with him during the week. Would that be ok with you? You’d get to fly more often that way.

Tiger: Yes I suppose you could do that Tim. The last lesson I had with him he said it would be okay as some of his students were graduating. But he told me I would have to speak with Alex also. So I have an appointment with Alex at 3 pm today to see what he says.

Tim never replied back. Not that this means anything I know that he has become very busy lately. So that was my extremely brief conversation with Tim today.

So, I arrived for my meeting with Alex at 2.55 pm and walked in to the school and saw someone sitting at the front desk I’ve never seen before since I’m usually at school on the weekends. Anyway, I introduced myself and said that I had a 3 o’clock appointment with Mr. Alex Haak. The girl said that he was in his office and that I should go straight in. Jeremy was also there and I greeted him too. As I approached Mr. Haak’s office I saw that the door was open and he was at his desk doing something on the computer. I was about to knock and enter but he sensed my arrival and looked up and said, “Tiger!” He arose from his seat and we shook hands and he told me to take a seat. “So you want to fly more frequently?” he asked immediately. I said yes and explained the situation to him and he seemed to be aware of my situation not necessarily from my emails, but I believe he had also consulted Tim and Jeremy; at least Jeremy.

Alex asked me when I preferred to fly during the week and I said whenever Jeremy was available. Alex looked at Jeremy’s schedule on the computer and said, “He’s not available everyday of the week since he’s in his final year of going to school. He is available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and on each of these days, he’s available at 9.00 am or 3.00 pm, or you could do later at 5.00pm. Which of the week days would you prefer? I replied, “I could do Monday, Wednesday and Friday” with Jeremy and I could do the weekend flying with Tim. Alex then said, “We’ll switch you over to Jeremy completely and I don’t think Tim would mind that because he’s become very busy lately with his family, school, his evaluations, his exams for law enforcement and then he’s here on the weekends nearly 8 hours of the day. I think he’s going to burn out pretty soon; he has just so much on his plate right now. Also in my experience, and we had one case exactly the same as yours, there was a guy also was flying on the weekends and he also wanted to fly more. We found that splitting training between instructors doesn’t really work that well, the instructors are not able to give the same attention to the student and then each instructor has his or her way of training. Also we found that giving that student one day during the week and then have him continue flying over the weekends, improved his performance almost by 100 %!” So I said, “Okay let’s do Wednesdays and the weekends then”. “Okay would you like email reminders of your flight lessons?” asked Alex. “Yes please!” “Also, would you like to fly just for this Friday (03-23-2012) since you’ve not flown that much this past few weeks?”, asked Alex. Alex then reserved my flight lessons with Jeremy and the planes too. I don’t have to go on to the website and book all my flights and planes anymore! I then replied yes I would like to fly this Friday and so Alex booked that also. “Okay, you’re booked through June. Anything else?” asked Alex. “Please inform Jeremy that it has nothing to do with his teaching and I hope that he doesn’t mind about this change?” I said to Alex. “Oh don’t worry, I’m sure he won’t and I’ll email him about his”, replied Alex. And that was it, our meeting ended at 3.21 pm and as I was leaving I saw that Jeremy was still there and I told him that I had just spoken with Mr. Haak (who incidentally had followed me out) and that he has switched me over to you completely. “Ah great! I’ll look at your file and see where you are and we’ll go from there” said Jeremy. “Oh and he also booked me with you for just this Friday”, I said. With that I said thanks to Jeremy and Alex and Alex extended his hand saying, “Thanks Tiger”.


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