Requested Schedule / Instructor Change…

This morning at 9.38 am (03/19/2012) I called my flight school to see if Mr. Alex Haak was there so that I could go and discuss with him my current situation regarding my flying lessons and perhaps another instructor. A lady called Mary picked up the phone and said that Mr. Haak wasn’t in the office today but she could give me his voice mail. “Will he be in tomorrow?” I asked. “Yes but he’s booked all day” she replied. “So do I have to get an appointment to see him?” I asked. Mary said that she wasn’t sure and this is why she was suggesting the voice mail or I could even email him. I asked her for Mr. Haak’s email, thanked her and ended our conversation. This is my email to Mr. Haak:

Hello Alex,

I’m writing to ask you what needs to be done to fly more frequently. Currently I’m flying on the weekends with Tim Wallace but I would like to progress a little more rapidly. Recently the weather has been such that I’ve not been able to fly, in fact I’ve had just one flight lesson in the past three weeks. When Tim has not been able to teach, he has assigned me with Jeremy and I’ve spoken to Jeremy about getting on to his schedule as he teaches during the week (Tim is only able to fly on the weekends), and he’s fine with me getting on his schedule but suggested that I ought to speak with you and Tim first. I called Tim on Saturday and left a message about what I needed to do fly more frequently but I’ve not heard back from him yet. Now I’m contacting you for advice and guidance as to what can be done. I would like to come and meet with you personally to discuss this, if that is possible?

Thank you for your help.


I may not hear from Mr. Haak until perhaps Wednesday or Thursday since Mary said he was booked all day tomorrow and so may not be able to reply.


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