High Gusting Winds – I Cancelled Class.

I’m a day late in writing this post but yesterday (03/10/2012) I was scheduled to have my flight lesson with Jeremy. Jeremy is another flight instructor that Tim assigned in his absence due to his Lasik surgery on Friday. I was looking forward to going but I awoke to windy weather. I immediately logged on to the aviation weather website and discovered that the winds were going to be increasing as the day progressed. So I called Kevin at Thunderbird Aviation at 7.10 am and told him that I had class this morning with Jeremy but the aviation weather website is indicating that it was going to be quite windy at 9.00 am when I had my class. “Oh it’s very windy now”, replied Kevin. I agreed and requested cancellation of my class. Kevin asked if I wanted to call Jeremy and let him know, but I said that I didn’t know Jeremy, and today would have been the day I would have met him for the first time. I further mentioned that I didn’t even have Jeremy’s phone number. “Okay I’ll take care of it” said Kevin. I replied with a thank you and our conversation was over.


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