We Agree to Cancel Today’s Flight Lesson…

I had an 8.00 am flight lesson scheduled but at 6.56 am this morning (03/03/2012), I received the following text message from my instructor Tim:

Tim: “Take a look at the METARs and TAFs…I think we better cancel due to snow, winds and ceilings. What do you think?”

I looked at the aviation weather website and found that the visibility was 1.75 statute miles with light snow, and texted back:

Tiger: “What were we going to do today Tim?”

Tim: “Takeoffs and Landings”

Tiger: “Ah okay. Do you think the weather is okay to do those because it doesn’t say when the snow is going to stop? The winds are okay but visibility is only 1.75 statute miles. If you think we should cancel we can. We have tomorrow too”.

Tim: “At 1.75 sm, we don’t’ even have basic VFR. Also if you look at the KMSP TAF for 1400, it is supposed to be gusting to 20 kts. If you mix all that with the light snow, it would be pretty crappy conditions to fly in. Tomorrow looks better, I think….”

Tiger: “Okay tomorrow it is then. Shall I call and tell the school?”

Tim: “Yes, please do. Thanks.”

Tiger: “No problem. Thanks Tim”.

I then called the school and spoke to Becky and said to her that Tim wanted to cancel today’s flight lesson as he considers that the weather wasn’t conducive for what we were going to do today. Becky said she would cancel the flight lesson for today. And that was it, so I look forward to tomorrows flight lesson. Let’s hope tomorrow’s weather is better for flying :D.


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