Attitude Instrument Flying and Instrument Navigation

At around 7.24 pm on Monday evening (02/27/2012) Mr. Whipple sent out the following email to the class:

Subject: Snow Storm

I will keep an eye on the weather for the class tomorrow night. If the weather turns as bad as they say it might, we might have to cancel class for Tuesday. Can you email me how you would like to be notified in case I have to cancel tomorrow night? I will see how it looks by 5 pm and make a decision. If it looks good, I will not send out anything or make calls.


On Sunday evening as I was driving I heard the weather forecast on the news that there was going to be quite a bit of snow with freezing rain. Then on Monday I heard that the snow would begin from noon on Tuesday and would continue through 6.00pm Wednesday evening. Usually I look forward to my evening classes with Mr. Whipple but due to the weather I was hoping that it would be cancelled. I really didn’t want to drive in the snowy conditions, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Although there was some light snow early Tuesday morning, it had all melted in about an hour. Then the weather was fine with no snow at all. As it came around to 3.30 pm there was still no snow so I began a quick review for my quiz for the class. Then at around 4.15 pm or so I checked my email as I had replied to Mr. Whipple that I would like to be notified of any cancellation of the class by email or by cell phone. He sent me the following email:

Subject: Snow Storm

As far as I can see, we should be able to have class tonight with no problems. I will see you at 5:30.


A few moments later Mr. Whipple sent the following email to the class:

Subject: Class Tonight

We will have class tonight. It looks like it will be OK weather wise until later tonight. I will see you all at 6 pm or if you all can come earlier, maybe 5:30-45, we could try to go home early for the weather.


So we all attended class and Mr. Whipple asked if I received his email and I replied that I had. After everyone had arrived and settled in, Mr. Whipple took a roll call and began not with the quiz, but by finishing off the unfinished chapter from last Thursday. He continued with Chapter 2 on “Attitude Instrument Flying” and finished off the chapter with “Instrument Navigation”. He also covered the FARs for IFR flying from the Federal Aviation Regulations/Aeronautical Information Manual. Now that we’re well into the course, I’m finding the course to be very interesting and by learning to fly using the instruments you can fly with greater precision. He then gave us the quiz and then said that next week he would give us a take home test on Thursday i.e. tomorrow. This is the first major test covering the first four chapters from the Jeppesen’s Text Book.

The class finished 30 minutes late and the freezing rain had begun. I had to scrape off the snow off my car and drive at about 35-40 mph back home as the weather was treacherous. The traffic was slow and I also saw an accident on my way home. This morning i.e. 02/29/2012, I heard on the news that the conditions were still terrible and there were many accidents and spin-outs on the roads. It’s 6.30 pm now and it has stopped snowing and the roads have been cleared, although there are huge piles of snow on the sides of the roads as snow plows plowed their way through the snow.


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