To Buffalo Minnesota For More Takeoffs and Landings

Today (02/12/2012) was a much better than yesterday, it was bright and sunny with hardly any breeze and around 28 F. I arrived five minutes early for my 8.00 am flight lesson and Tim hadn’t yet arrived. I checked in as usual and waited for my information to be entered in to the computer when Tim arrived with his usual McDonald’s breakfast and coffee. We greeted one another and he immediately asked how my ears were. “I’m glad to say they’re fine now Tim, how’s your eye?” “Oh much better, thanks!” replied Tim. I then took the fuel sampling bottle and said that I would return soon after having performed my pre-flight check. When I was outside doing my pre-flight check I noticed how different the day was than yesterday, although still a bit cold.

I returned to the school building and saw Tim finishing off his breakfast when he told me that he was going for Lasik Surgery on March 9th, 2012. I asked him why now and he said that as he was going to school for Law Enforcement and he apparently needed excellent eyesight. “I was talking to a policeman yesterday and he told me that I needed to have excellent eyesight. If my glasses were somehow knocked off during a struggle, or during chasing a criminal on foot, I should be able to clearly see if the criminal was holding a rifle or a broom” he said and continued, “Yes, it’s going to cost me $2,500 and my wife has already had it done.” “Well please let me know how it goes Tim and then I may have it done”, I said. With that we walked out to the plane and Tim handed me the map and said let’s go to Buffalo and practice more Takeoffs and Landings.


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