Instrument Pilot Ground School

Ever since I completed my VFR Ground School, I’ve been contemplating whether I should take the IFR Ground School class now, or later after I have my private pilot’s license (PPL) in hand. I spoke with my instructor Mr. Whipple who taught the VFR Ground School and he said you can take it whenever you want, there’s no specific time for it except when you actually decide to learn to fly using instruments. He also went on to say that if I completed the ground school now then I could go straight into instrument flying immediately after I have my PPL. This made sense to me because I just finished the VFR Knowledge Test and so the information will be fresh in my mind and would help me in this course. So having bounced all this information in my head, today (02/09/2012) I went and registered for the IFR class that will commence from February 21st, 2012 from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s a 9 week course and I believe it will last that long as I don’t forsee any major holidays coming up, like they did during the VFR course which ended up going for an extra couple of weeks.

The entire cost, including the books was $475.84. It could have been a lot more had I not consulted Mr. Whipple as to which books were necessary and which weren’t from the IFR Pilot’s Kit that the school and others recommend that you purchase. The kit costs $298.00 plus tax from my school. Online from it can be purchased for $269.75 with an additional charge of about $8.00 for shipping, still cheaper than buying from my school. Mr. Whipple said that all I really needed was the Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery – Instrument Commercial, and the Jeppesen Instrument Rating FAA Airman Knowledge Test Guide. And these are the books I purchased for $91.00 and $25.66 respectively, including tax. The course itself is $350.00, no tax.

When I studied for the VFR, there was a kit that could be purchased at the time also, but I only purchased the two books similar to the one’s above. I’m not sure how much the school was selling that kit for, but from the online store I mentioned above it currently costs $269.00.

IFR Ground School Books


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