Flight Lesson Cancelled Due to Thick Freezing Fog…

Today’s flight lesson got cancelled due to freezing fog. I woke up early this morning and as I was listening to the news on the radio I heard the weather and the main aspect of it was that it was going to very foggy. I began to wonder if it would be foggy enough for my flight lesson to be cancelled. So I switched on my computer and logged on to the aviation weather website, http://www.aviationnweather.gov to check the weather on the Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) and saw that the weather wasn’t just foggy but it was freezing fog and the vertical visibility was only 200 ft and horizontal visibility only 1/4 statute mile.

KMIC 041353Z 01003KT 1/4SM FZFG VV002 M04/M05 A3040 RMK A02 SLP309

Please click on the image below to see what the figures above mean (click a second time to enlarge):

As a result, I was expecting a call from Tim telling me either the flight lesson was going to be cancelled, or if he doesn’t call, then we would probably end up doing a Ground Class like we did the last time when the weather was bad. I however was preparing myself for the Ground Class and took my notebook with me. I also took my test results of my FAA Knowledge Test so that I could show my instructor the areas we would need to cover in the future. The test results paper has the codes of the areas I failed on. The codes actually cover entire topics and so although you may know an entire topic very well, but because you answered incorrectly on one question regarding that topic, the system states you’re weak or failed the entire topic. It is then suggested that the student must be instructed in that entire area since the system was unable to pin-point which particular area you failed on.

As I pulled out of the garage I realized how foggy it really was and as I approached the flight school, I couldn’t even see the beacon which is activated below VFR minimum weather conditions. Tim was already seated chatting with the mechanic and watching TV. I greeted him and said, “WOW I can’t even see the beacon!” Tim said, “Yes I know it’s crazy out there, plus it’s freezing fog too! So I thought we would do some Ground School today”. “Yes I assumed we might so I came prepared with my notebook” I replied and then proceeded to tell Tim that yesterday I took my FAA Knowledge Test and he asked how I did. “I got 95%” I said proudly. “Oh that’s excellent!” replied Tim. I then showed him the test results with the codes that I had failed on. “Ah okay, well let’s go through those today then” said Tim.

These are the codes that I got and which topics they cover:

1. PLT012 – Calculate Aircraft Performance – Time/Speed/Distance/Course/Fuel/Wind

2. PLT091 – Interpret VOR/ADF/NDB/CDI/RMI – Illustrations/Indications/Procedures

3. PLT377 – Recall Regulations – Airworthiness Certificates/Requirements/Responsibilities

So this is what we covered today in the two hour class. Tomorrow’s flight lesson is from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm; let’s hope the weather is more conducive for flying. 😀


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