Some Maneuvers Revisited…

I had booked a flight from 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm for Sunday 29 January, 2012, but I received a text from Tim asking me if I could fly at 10.00 am. I immediately and happily replied in the affirmative because I prefer flying in the morning and only booked in the afternoon because the morning time slots were already filled. Again it was a cold but bright sunny day with a temperature of about 19 F and a little breeze. During the pre-flight check I found that the fuel outlets (from where you take the fuel samples to see if there are any contaminants) were frozen! That is, I wasn’t able to take any sample as the outlets were blocked with ice. I don’t know how this happened because there have been colder days when I’ve flown and they had never frozen up before. Anyway, a mechanic had to come out and de-ice the fuel outlets.

I really don’t have anything to report today as Tim and I merely practiced some maneuvers we had already done i.e. Sharp Turns, Power-on and Power-off stalls, and Emergency landing procedures. Tim said he wanted to make sure that I still was able to do these since we hadn’t done them in a long time and also to have a change from the usual of practice of landings and navigation. He was correct, I didn’t remember much and I was disappointed with myself. I began wondering how long it would take me to learn to fly. When I first inquired about the length of time to learn, I was told by the instructors at my school that it takes a minimum of 35 hours, but on average it takes up to 65 hours. I’m beginning to think that it may take me longer than that.

One final thing I wanted to mention was regarding my FAA Knowledge Test this coming Friday. I’ve been taking the online practice tests and have still been consistently getting scores of 80%-85%. Mr. Whipple had mentioned that these practice tests will give an idea of what you can expect to get in the final. So there it is I suppose, I will probably get about that percentage even though I wanted a score much higher than that. 😦 The only consolation for me will be that I passed.


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