No Flight Lesson Today…

I usually have my flight lessons over the weekend, but I was unable to book a lesson with my instructor as he was fully booked for this Saturday (01/21/2012). What students have to do is go to the School website and book lessons themselves in accordance with the availability of planes and the instructors. Sometimes students book flights a few weeks ahead. I’ve done that before, but if you forget or delay your bookings then you lose your time with your instructor. I usually like to book early in the morning, preferably from 8.00 am to 10.00 am as the air is clear, the sun is out (most of the time) and it’s just nice to fly early in the morning. Also, with it being winter here in Minnesota, it gets dark fairly early, but now that we’re approaching toward the end of January, the days are getting a bit longer. So I’ve written an email to my instructor to ask if he would be willing to fly in the afternoons or a little later. If he is able to do that, then I will be able to fly in the mornings or the evenings and not miss days like today. I’m awaiting a reply from him. Hopefully he’ll reply saying that he’s fine to fly in the evenings. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 😀 I do have an 8.00 am lesson tomorrow.




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