Navigation Chapter Completed

On Monday 9 January, 2012 Mr. Whipple completed the Navigation chapter and then told us that next week we would be having a quiz on Navigation. He further added that on Monday 16, January 2012 he would give us a practice final test. However as we began discussing other topics of concern regarding Navigation, one of the students in the class asked, “Why can’t we have the test this Wednesday?” Mr. Whipple replied, “Well I’m all up for it if you are”, and then asked the class, “Who’s in favour of taking the practice test this Wednesday (i.e. January 11, 2012)?” Everyone, except myself was in favour. I said an emphatic, “NO!”, and Mr. Whipple said, “I guess you’re out of luck guy!” and everyone laughed in unison. “Why don’t you want to take it on Wednesday?” asked Mr. Whipple, “I’m just not ready. I would be okay with Monday. I have to cover some of the topics I’m weak on”, I replied. “Well do as much as you can, because this test will give me an idea of where everyone is and I’ll be able to sign people off for the actual final test with the FAA if they’re up to par. You need to get 70% and if you don’t, it will give you an idea as to how much work you will need to do”. I reluctantly agreed, like I had a choice :D. I then began thinking that I had about 2 days to cover as much as I could. So the next couple of days are going to be really hectic. 😦


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