High Wind Gusts in the Air – Class Cancelled

I went to sleep Friday night as snow was lightly falling, wondering if enough would accumulate to prevent me flying the next day. I awoke this morning to a lovely dry and sunny day but also a pretty windy day. I began thinking if my 3.00 pm class on Saturday December 17th, 2011, would be cancelled due to it being windy, although I was thankful that the snow didn’t accumulate. It was 10.00 am and I thought the winds might die down by 3.00 pm.

So I reached my aviation school at 2.55 pm and as I stepped out of my car I noticed that there was hardly any wind at all and smiled. I entered the school and greeted Becky and there were a number of instructors and other people, some seated and others standing, chatting. However I didn’t see Tim, but I did notice his car outside and thought he might be in his office. I began completing my check-in process and Becky handed me the folder for the plane I had reserved along with the fuel sampling bottle. I went out and having completed the pre-flight check returned the fuel sampling bottle to Becky and then went to Tim’s office. When I didn’t see him there I returned to the front desk and asked Becky, “Is Tim here yet?”, “Oh he just landed”, she replied. Then almost immediately Tim walked through the door speaking to another student. He greeted me and said “I’ll be just a few moments.” He then began speaking with the instructor of the student that Tim had just flown with. I think Tim was probably acting in the capacity of an examiner of some sort as I heard him telling the other instructor that the student needed to be able to do this, that etc. Then the other instructor said, “Well let’s have a meeting later and you can tell me things I need to go over with him”.

Tim then turned to me and said, “Well it’s pretty gusty up there…”, and I interrupted Tim and said, “Yes I thought it might be too windy and thought about calling or texting you, but then thought you might do so as you’re a better judge of that, and besides, I’ve asked you if it was too windy on previous occasions and you said, “No it’s fine””, then we both laughed.”Yes I’m sorry about that, I should have called, but this was my first flight today and I didn’t know until I got up there, as you can see it’s pretty calm down here”. I agreed and Tim continued, “Yes so I couldn’t contact you as I didn’t have my phone with me and even if I had, I didn’t want to say anything during someone else’s lesson. Do you live far by the way?”. “No not really, only about 15 minutes or so from here, so if you think we ought to cancel, I’m fine with that, as we have another class tomorrow morning at 8.00 am.” I replied. “Yes I don’t think you’ll be able to take full advantage of the class, as you’ll spend time trying to manage the plane”. I agreed and reflected briefly back on another windy day and how I struggled then. “Okay Tim, I’ll see you tomorrow morning then”, and Tim said, “Okay” and then said to Becky, “We’re going to cancel”. With that, I left hoping the weather would be more conducive for flying tomorrow.


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