Bad Weather – Class Cancelled

As I mentioned before when my class was cancelled earlier due to bad weather, this is going to be a frequent occurrence as we’re in the winter season here in Minnesota. Although it’s not snowing, it’s highly overcast, gusty, poor visibility and the temperature is 39 F. I sent a text message to Tim asking if he thought it was too windy to fly today 26th November, 2011 and if my 3.30 pm class would be cancelled. He replied in the affirmative and said since the visibility was also poor we should indeed cancel today’s class. He further stated that tomorrow’s forecast looked better so we should wait and see if we could fly tomorrow. I was of course disappointed but not too much because I’m also studying for my Ground School class exam which is now being held on Wednesday instead of this coming Monday, according to the email I received from Mr. Whipple. This gives me a little more time to study those huge chapters. 🙂


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