No Thanksgiving Holiday for the Wicked!

On Monday 21 November, 2011 I had my fourth Ground School class, the last class before the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US. The class agreed that due to the upcoming holiday we preferred not to have the Wednesday class. However, this didn’t mean we were getting off lightly. Mr. Whipple had already planned the first “Stage 1 Exam” covering the first five chapters of the book. This time we wouldn’t be having just 10 questions but 50 upon our return the following Monday! We had the usual test this evening on the previous chapter and then class commenced.

This evening’s class covered Chapter 4, “The Flight Environment” of the Jeppesen’s Private Pilot text-book. Mr. Whipple discussed topics such as The Flight Environment, Safety of Flight, Airports, Aeronautical Charts and Airspace. He stressed the importance of flying in the correct airspace and how each space is “reserved” for certain types of flyers e.g. airline planes, military aircraft, private and student pilots etc. In certain cases and in certain air spaces you can get temporary clearance to fly through them depending on circumstances. Certain airspace is reserved for IFR flyers and VFR flyers need to get permission to fly through these, but IFR flyers always get priority. “Airspace is there for your safety and for the safety of other traffic, so violating airspace can lead to fines and/or suspension of your pilot’s license by the FAA”, said Mr. Whipple.

We discussed Airspace in more detail followed by the topics I’ve mentioned above. However, I won’t bore you with the details. I have included some pictures of my class and my seat is the one with the book and notebook. The last picture shows a flight simulator located at the rear of the class. Now I will conclude this post by wishing everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving! 😀



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