Wintry Weather – Class Cancelled

My class was at 5 pm today, 19 November, 2011 but it’s snowing lightly (and about 2″ has accumulated thus far), very windy, visibility is only 1.5 miles and highly overcast with a temperature of 27 F. Some parts of the state have had a considerable amount of snow. According to the forecast these conditions are going to persist at least until 1.oo am Sunday! So I called Tim at about 1.45 pm to ask if he thought today’s class would be cancelled due to the wintry weather we were having. He agreed and asked, “Are we booked for 8.oo am tomorrow?”, and I said “Yes”. He then said that he would check the weather forecast and call me at 8.00 pm this evening to see if we could fly tomorrow. So I’m awaiting Tim’s call, who will hopefully have some positive news. This is the first time for wintry weather this season.


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