Having Fun!

Although I’m finding landings challenging, I must say that I’m enjoying this learning process. Each week I’m arriving more determined than the previous week to do better. This Saturday, November 12, 2011 was no exception, especially after my mother told me to have self-confidence and to be determined to accomplish what I have set out to do. I arrived early for the lesson and was very eager to start flying and to do some landings. Once again we flew out to Anoka airport and I tried landing. We made a total of about 8 landings by the time we were finished, and I can honestly say that three of them were all made by me and were near perfect. Tim didn’t have to help me at all. There were some that were a little hard i.e. the wheels of the plane struck the runway with a bang, not too hard mind you, but nevertheless the landings were bumpy. There were one or two that were balloons. Balloons are those landings where as the plane comes into land, and instead of holding the plane at a fixed height over the runway before flaring, the flaring is done too soon and the plane flies up in the air and then the pilot pushes the yoke in to bring it back down to land. Tim had to help me with these because it’s very easy to push the yoke in too quickly and to run the nose of the plane into the runway and cause damage to the plane and perhaps even injury.

My Air Traffic Pattern is improving also. I’m now paying more attention to every step and not missing steps as I was before, although not perfect, this is still an improvement that I’m happy with. When I first started landing, the Air Traffic Pattern seemed to involve so many steps and I thought I would never learn, but Tim had told me, “It will get easier and once you’ve learned, these steps will come naturally to you”. I’m only now beginning to think he’s right.

I’m also speaking to Ground Control and to Air Traffic Control more often now, especially when leaving the airport. I enjoy communicating with them and I don’t understand why students find it difficult to communicate. I’m getting an idea of the Crystal airport runway and know exactly where to taxi to now, after having received directions from Ground Control. Before Tim used to tell me, turn here we have to cross this runway etc.

So all in all, this Saturday was a good day and a marked improvement from before. Let’s hope tomorrow is better still. 😀


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