Sunday’s Lesson Cancelled…

I received a text message at 8.57 pm from my instructor on November 5, 2011 stating the following:

“It’s going to be even more windy tomorrow. Did you still want to fly, or should we skip it? Either way is fine with me.”

Earlier today, although it wasn’t windy on the ground, it was a little windy when we were flying. At times we felt turbulence and on occasions I made steep turns due to the wind helping me. Steep turns are not good, especially when there’s a sudden gust of wind when you’re making a turn. I was in a high wind situation once before and I found that it wasn’t very productive. You spend a lot of time trying to stabilize and manage the plane, and being a student pilot, I can assure you, it’s no fun. So I texted the following back to Tim:

“Oh okay Tim. Let’s leave it because it wouldn’t be productive. Don’t you think?”

Tim replied: “I agree”.

“Okay Tim let’s go for next Sat and Sun thanx”, was my reply.

And that’s how our text conversation ended. It’s unfortunate and disappointing that once again I’m missing class due to the weather, but this is Minnesota and we’re approaching Winter, so this is only the beginning. I’m expecting more cancellations when Winter is finally here.

So I will book my classes for next week. In the mean time, I will catch up on some book work.


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