Instructor Has the Flu…

As I was driving home after my lunch at a local Indian restaurant, I received a call from Tim at about 2.00pm. He called to tell me that he had the Flu, which he contracted the night before and therefore unfortunately, has to cancel my 4.00pm class. I could hear his voice had a hint of nasal echo and I said, “No problem Tim, but what about tomorrow?” He said that he probably wouldn’t be well enough to teach tomorrow either, and that he should really take as much rest as possible until he’s fully recovered. I agreed and then asked if I should cancel the class online or call the school. “Oh not to worry, I’ll call the school and let them know”, he said.

Although I understood Tim’s situation, I was a little disappointed because I was really looking forward to trying out the Jacobson’s method of landing the plane. Once I master the landing, I will be very happy and gain more confidence in achieving my Private Pilot’s Certificate. It’s a difficult maneuver and I know it will be a major hurdle I will have overcome once I’ve understood it, and be able to land the plane on my own.


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