High wind gusts lead to lesson cancellation

I was very excited for today’s lesson as I had studied hard and also been surfing the web for other private pilots’ blogs. I found a few and was thoroughly motivated as these pilots were very experienced and, made an already fun activity even more enjoyable. So as I was on my way to my 3.00 pm lesson today October 15th 2011, when I received a call from Tim. He was calling to tell me that he had just come from reviewing a pilot in the air and that it was extremely gusty. He therefore suggested that we ought to cancel today’s class but was ready to continue if I wanted to. I said that he was my instructor and he knew best considering my skill level. He agreed and said that since I was still in the early stages of my private pilot’s course, going up in the air under these conditions would be unproductive and he wanted me to get my money’s worth. We were going to practice takeoffs and landings today and conditions were not conducive to practicing these maneuvers. I have an 8.00 am class tomorrow morning and I’m hoping that the weather is much calmer.


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