I Cancelled Today’s Lesson

I returned home on Saturday evening at about 10.30 pm after helping some friends at their restaurant. I switched on my computer to check my emails and surf a little before going to bed to rise early for my 8.00 am class the next morning. However, I noticed once again that my machine was not producing sound. I’ve had this problem with my audio system for a few weeks now and I would go into the Control Panel and fix it. I would reset everything to default and reboot the computer and voilà! I had sound again. But over time even this method of correction failed and now the sound had become erratic. It would work at times and it wouldn’t at others. So I called HP Computers and the tech support person decided to run the Reimage program on my computer. This program cleans up the hard drive, removes all old and unused files, frees space and replaces programs with new ones. The program started running and the tech person said that it would take about 35 minutes and it was already 10.50 pm. I said okay and the tech person said he would call me back when the program was over doing it’s job. I could still communicate with him over the chat window he had opened during the initial stages of my having given him control of the machine. He said he would be monitoring the progress.

Well time ticked by and it was over 35 minutes and the program had only completed about 10.9% of it’s job and seemed to be stuck. I gave it a little more time and now it was 11.50 pm and I typed the following in the chat window, “It’s well over 35 minutes and it seems to be stuck Chris”. He replied, “Yes I see that sir, it seems to have found a bad sector and is fixing it”. I said okay and thought I would give it a little more time to see if it would begin progressing. Now it was 12.30 am and it still hadn’t moved from 10.9%. “I’m afraid I have to go to sleep, it’s getting pretty late here”, I typed in the chat window. Chris suggested he could call me tomorrow at a more suitable time and we could continue as the program would continue form where it left off and we wouldn’t have to go through it all again. I thought that was great idea and typed, “Please call me at 5.00 pm on Sunday”. He said okay and we ended our conversation and the chat window was closed. By this time I had realised that it was probably too late to wake up for my 8.00 am class (as I had to help my friends again at 11.30 am at the restaurant) and sent an email to my instructor for a cancellation. I also called him and the school at 7.00 am the next morning to cancel the class (i.e. October 3rd, 2011). I didn’t really want to cancel but I like to wake up fresh and relaxed, especially when going for a class or an exam as it’s easier to learn and do things under such conditions.


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